Who actually stole the spotlight on the Grammys red carpet

The 58th Grammy Awards have wrapped up for the year. All eyes were on the star-studded red carpet, but when it came to dressing to impress, some celebs hit a bum note.

There’s always one star who decides to turn up wearing next to nothing on the red carpet in a bid for some free publicity, and this year that award goes to Manika.


American singer Manika had a shocker in this revealing outfit. Her cheeky silver, bejewelled ensemble left almost nothing to the imagination and would have been better suited to Notting Hill Carnival than the Grammys.

Joy Villa

Villa made her Grammys debut last year in an unforgettable orange number, and this year took to the red carpet in a
near-nude Predator-style dress. ​

With a massive headdress that definitely didn’t make her look a bit…frightening. Clearly Joy Villa also got the memo about revealing as much flesh as humanly possible.

Z Lala

Imagine going to the toilet in this?
It was singer Z LaLa’s first time on the Grammys red carpet, she would make Lady GaGa proud with this unusual ensemble. Known for her outrageous frocks, the singer embraced the “dare to bare” trend with an alternative spider web-style cage dress and matching headgear.


Ciara showed off a little too much leg in this cheeky high-cut gown, though it certainly showcased her flawless figure. Ciara’s belly-button-high split turned her dress into more of a swimsuit-with-trim than an actual frock.​

Skylar Grey

There was possibly some blue-sky thinking when it came to outfit choice for Skylar Grey. This sheer gown barely covered her modesty and made it tricky to avoid eye contact with the strategically placed ‘faces’.

Diamond White
She may look innocent, but we could see right through singer Diamond White’s plan to steal the spotlight when she donned this see-through dress that revealed a little too much skin on the red carpet at the 58th Grammy Awards.

Jacqueline Van Bierk
Jacqueline Van Bierk either looks like she has raided her Halloween box or a horror film’s costume department. Is it a flower? Is it a bat? Is it an insect? Is it a weird hybrid of all three? Who knows.

dencia (1)
So many stars opted for sexy, form-fitting frocks and glam gowns, but Dencia didn’t get the memo. Instead, the singer opted for a much more… comfortable look as she rocked a Hello Kitty onesie. Let’s hope she doesn’t step on any toes! Even the singer’s shoes were covered in a collection of beads, sequins and scary-looking spikes

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