The Achievers

The Lost Arc

he Achievers recently won the UK Blues Challenge – a hotly contested annual affair that selects the UK entrant for the European Blues Challenge, previously won by the likes of Kaz Hawkins and Kyla Brox.

When I first heard this album on an mp3 download I must admit to being slightly underwhelmed but now, listening to it in WAV form, I must admit that I really do get just why The Achievers are so strongly rated.

Musically, they sit in the Blues but they are anything but your stereotypical blues – they have touches of gospel in the mix along with good old fashioned rock & roll and hoot n holler r&b.

It was recorded ‘live’ in the studio over two days and the music has a real ‘snap’ to it, really danceable and with a joyous feel to the music, the rhythm section of Aron Atwood (drums) & Jack Thomas (bass) lays down a really solid foundation to their music, giving Steve Ferbrache (Lead vocals & guitar), Robert Holmes (guitar) and Rufus Fry (harmonica) real space and freedom to make the music ping out of the speakers.

From the opening track ‘Spirit’ to the last notes of ‘See Me Back Jesus’ this is a delightful chameleon of an album and it had me stopping whatever I was doing to have a little solo bop around the room time after time.

Deserved winners, a really good listen.

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