Telecom giant AT&T is reportedly focusing on the music business

The telecom giant is in big-time acquisition mode and is reportedly focusing its efforts on the music business.

AT&T Entertainment, which owns DirecTV, is working on a plan to get much bigger — whether that means signing more artist partnerships or buying a major music label or perhaps even considering a run at radio giant iHeart is anyone’s guess.

AT&T was taking a look at Twitter, but like all of the often-mentioned potential suitors it didn’t move ahead with a bid. “All the tech companies are trying to figure out the entertainment space,” said a music industry source.

The former Ma Bell has had a few deals in the recent past with Live Nation, which is about to be spun out of Liberty Media. Taylor Swift’s deal involves sponsorship backing in return for exclusive content on AT&T’s services, along with an appearance during the Super Bowl weekend. AT&T has also been floated as a possible bidder for Time Warner.

This article was originally published on the NY Post.

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