Sacramento station drops all Kanye West music from radio waves

One of Kanye West’s biggest supporters in the Sacramento radio market announced Monday the station will no longer play from the artist’s music catalog.

Hot 103.5 Music Director Justin Marshall (who goes by JayMarzz on the radio) did not holdback on West, after the entertainer disappointed Sacramento-area fans at his Saturday night Golden 1 Center concert that never actually happened.

“Kanye, this is a really good record – alright, stop this stupid ass record,” Marshall said. “That’s the last time you’re gonna hear this song on this radio station ever.”


West reportedly showed up 90 minutes late, performed the same song twice and then went on a lengthy rant about Beyonce, Jay Z, Hillary Clinton and even the radio industry. Marshall said his station, in the past a big supporter of West — playing every single from his not-so-popular “Life of Pablo” album, would not play his music for a very long time. “…and let me tell you why,” Marshall went on…

Alright – everybody came out to have a great time Saturday night. A lot of fans in the building – a lot of people had spent a lot of hard earned money, bro, a lot of hard earned time – time, time, time. Time is something we can’t get back. Everyone can get a refund back – but you can’t get your time back. You can’t get the emotion back that you were gonna put into that show, to watch someone that you love – the person that you buy their music, to perform. It’s called ‘a moment,’ folks – these are what make our lives. Moments and memories to share with each other… and he took that from people Saturday night.

Marshall added that West went on stage, “and told radio ‘F you,’ what? 17-something times, it felt like. Let’s talk about that real quick – sir. Let’s talk about the market, the city you decided to do that in. Sacramento has played every single off of ‘Life of Pablo.'”

Local throwback hip-hop and R&B station V101 FM said they’ll be taking a break from Kanye West’s music for a week or two, and will then reevaluate how their audience feels. Another Sacramento radio station that plays current pop music hit, 107.9 The End, said in a statement they already don’t frequently play West’s music, but added, “we hope that Kanye can take this time away from touring to get back to being the artist we have all learned to appreciate over the years.”

Marshall said West’s record was played non-stop at his station, “and you’re going to go into Sacramento and say ‘F radio,’ really? You’re the same guy who, 15 years ago, was begging radio to play you.And they did, and they gave you a shot. Without radio you didn’t blow up to be the artist that you were. That you were, because you’re no longer that artist anymore.”


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