OneRepublic asks fans to help victims of the Berlin Christmas market attack

OneRepublic donated $100,000 to the victims and families of the Berlin Christmas market attack through local charity, Weisser Ring. “This week’s horrific attack in Berlin hit especially close to home,” the group’s Ryan Tedder tells Rolling Stone. “We were in the Christmas market just the night before.”

“We hope these funds can help rebuild the lives of those affected by the Berlin attack and encourage everyone to help in any way they can,” Tedder says. The charity, Weisser Ring, is Germany’s largest support organization for victims of crime, providing everything from financial, medical, legal and personal support to helping with court paperwork and other official matters.

On Monday evening, December 19th, a truck plowed through a traditional outdoor Christmas market in Berlin, killing 12 and injuring 48 people, according to CNN.

German authorities are still searching for suspect Anis Amri, the Tunisian man who is believed to have committed the attack. Officials confirmed that Amri’s fingerprints were found inside the truck. Per The New York Times, Amri was on the radar of various intelligence agencies in Europe and the U.S., and had previously been detained for deportation after being caught with fake papers. He was ultimately freed despite being considered potentially dangerous.

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