Marilyn Manson memorably wore a t-shirt from Justin Bieber’s Purpose

The 47-year-old’s post came after Bieber was pictured performing in Seattle wearing a T-shirt with Marilyn Manson’s face on the front and “Bigger Than Satan – Bieber” on the back. Manson’s social media retort “Bigger Than Bieber” – suggests that he’s taken issue with the Canadian’s outlandish claim, while also deciding once and for all the ranking of who’s actually the biggest.

Bieber’s latest celebrity fan, however, is an unlikely one – just take a look at this:

Bigger than Bieber

A photo posted by Marilyn Manson (@marilynmanson) on

Yes, the self-proclaimed “God of Fuck” has apparently been welcomed into the Belieber clan. We, meanwhile, are imagining Marilyn Manson listening to “Love Yourself.”. We’re not sure whether to call this a feud, so let’s just say it’s a very public bonding session. Since Manson has successfully courted the ire of Beliebers around the world, this might be the year these two release the duet you never knew you needed (and probably still don’t).

This isn’t the first time that Bieber has been seen in a Marilyn Manson T-shirt. Last year, at a Hillsong Church conference, Bieber wore a similar tee. At the time, Manson even shared a photo of Bieber wearing the T-shirt and tweeted, “Preach. Where are you now? Church.”

Then in September, after Bieber debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 with “What Do You Mean?” he recorded a video for his fans wearing the same T-shirt. Again, Manson approved.

Fast-forward to Manson rocking a Bieber T-shirt on Thursday, and things have come full circle. Meanwhile, after kicking off his Purpose World Tour in Seattle, Washington, last week to almost unanimously glowing reviews, the Canadian superstar played the SAP arena in San Jose, California, last night to an over 19,000-strong crowd.

The Biebs will next perform at The Oracle Arena in Oakland, California, before continuing to arenas across North America and Canada. The 64-date leg wraps at Madison Square Garden on July 19. The European leg commences in September and ends in London on November 29.

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