LOVE Advent 2016 : Day 29 – Day 31 and the best moments so far

In the fashion world, the LOVE Magazine advent calendar is pretty much an institution. Like clockwork, Love magazine outdoes itself every year with its model-packed, sometimes funny, often steamy ode to the holidays.

To get you excited for the very last days of LOVE Advent calendar, let’s take a look through LOVE’s best moments by Phil Poynter, Hype Williams, Doug Inglish, Liz Collins, RANKIN, James Lima, Sean Frank and Liz Goldwyn. Waiting to see what the rest of Love’s 2016 advent will bring? Check out the best of LOVE Advent 2016…

LOVE Advent 2016 : Day 29 – Day 31

Jasmine Sanders was a good girl gone wild on Thursday, as she turned sexy cavewoman as the beauty behind LOVE magazine’s advent. Put under the spell of ‘Rexy’ the Coach Dinosaur, the 25-year-old goes from topless bikini babe into primitive survival mode and fends off danger in nothing but a tiny swimsuit.

Grabbing her wild-child leopard print bomber jacket, the model proceeds to chase a life-size dinosaur around the outdoor complex in her sassy red patent boots. In the end, in the spirit of Barbie’s golden motto that girls can be anything they want to be, the Golden Barbie is transformed into a sultry cavewoman in nothing but a loincloth styled into a cutaway swimsuit and a bone in her hair. The video, shot in LA by Doug Inglish and styled by Sean Knight in Coach, opens with blonde bombshell playfully left topless at the side of the pool.

One of the lesser-known Victoria’s Secret models, Rose Bertram proved just why she had won a place with the famous lingerie brand, as she channelled her inner Madonna for day 30. Rocking a bold red lip, the model laughs happily to herself, marking the penultimate LOVE advent calendar video.

The Phil Poynter-directed video, inspired by film classic Desperately Seeking Susan, sees the 22-year-old Belgian model rock a pair of high waisted knickers and a lacy bustier as she writhes around on a sun lounger. Flaunting her slender midriff and tanned, toned pins as she runs a towel over her well-oiled body, Rose flings her towel down on the lounger.

Hailey Clauson has recreated the iconic When Harry Met Sally orgasm scene as Day 31 of Love’s Advent Calendar. The 21-year-old model donned Meg Ryan’s blonde perm from the film and is seen talking to ‘Harry’ who is shot off-screen.

After asking her about women faking orgasms, Hailey responded with: “That’s right I forgot you’re a man” before giving an example. In a twist to the original, Hailey whips off her dinosaur jumper to reveal a teal and purple coloured bra as she continues to moan in fake delight. As she reaches her climax, Hailey then starts shaking the diner table – sending cutlery and condiments flying as she squeals in pleasure.

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