Justin Timberlake hints a new album is on the way

Justin Timberlake gave eager fans hope that his next Album was in the works when he released his No.1 hit “Can’t Stop the Feeling” this past May. The superstar has been recording with Pharrell Williams in the studio despite working on the DreamWorks Animation movie Trolls and the Tribeca-premiered film The Book of Love with his wife, Jessica Biel, but he’s unsure when the new Album will drop!

“I think everyone I’m working with right now knows I’m notorious for being like, ‘Yeah, let’s work. I have no idea when I’ll put it out, though,’” Timberlake told Variety. “I’ll put it out when it’s done, when it feels right.”
Timberlake added, “I’m just in the now of now. I think it’s an effect of just enjoying my life more. For a long time I lived my life for a lot of other people, or for the idea that those other people had an idea of me. And whatever — there’s a guy who’s gonna wake up tomorrow and transfer an organ from one body to another and save someone’s life — so what are we even doing?”

Justin said his fourth solo album will be less epic than his previous 20/20: “I wouldn’t say [my new material] is the antithesis of 20/20, but it does sound more singular,” he hinted. “If 20/20 sounded like it literally surrounds your entire head, this stuff feels more like it just punches you between the eyes.”

Pharrell added: “I would pay Justin a huge compliment to say he’s just discovering who he is now”. Williams after spending a few weeks recording with Timberlake said: “Songwise, I think we’ve got a good solid six that are like, ‘Whoa, what was that? Play that again.'”

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