Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and David Bowie were the most-watched artists on Vevo in the UK January

The Canadian superstar, who has stormed the UK charts in the last few months, racked up over 46 million streams in the UK in just four weeks.

Proving just how popular new videos for songs including Sorry and Love Yourself have been, Justin Bieber has more than double the views of Taylor Swift, who is second on the list.

Swift’s videos were viewed on Vevo a total of 18 million times, while David Bowie is in third position with nearly 15 million views.

The late British rock star, who passed away at the beginning of the month, dominated the ‘movers’ chart on the video streaming service.

Bowie takes all three top spots after his videos for Heros, Absolute Beginners and China Girl were viewed nearly 2 million times. These three tracks saw a 2000% rise in streams on the platform after the star’s sad death rocked the country just a few weeks ago.

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