Jennifer Nettles releases the music video for her single “Hey Heartbreak”

Jennifer Nettles has released the music video for her latest single, “Hey Heartbreak.” Click play above to watch the lighthearted clip, about getting over a breakup and moving on in style.


IMG: JenniferNettlesVEVO

The “Hey Heartbreak” video, directed by Shane Drake, finds Nettles treating herself to a solo vacation at the beach and finding joy outside of a broken relationship; she releases the memories of a sorrowful past and sets herself free from heartbreak. The clip was shot in California and includes a host of images charged with double meaning: Throughout the music video, Nettles carries around a gift-wrapped box, enjoying lush hotel rooms, fancy dinners for one and relaxing time on the beach before releasing the contents of the box into the ocean at the end of the clip.


IMG: JenniferNettlesVEVO

“The whole idea here is that she is letting go of a heartbreak,” explains Drake in a press release. “She’s letting go of all the things that make you feel down — make you feel constricted. We decided to take positive approach towards ourselves, where Jennifer can have Santa Barbara to recharge and re-energize.”


IMG: JenniferNettlesVEVO

Nettles released “Hey Heartbreak” as the second single from her sophomore album, Playing With Fire, in September; the triumphant anthem about moving past the pain of a breakup follows “Unlove You.” While “Hey Heartbreak” does directly address the pain of a broken relationship, Nettles chooses not to wallow in it; she’s had her time to grieve, and now it’s time to move on.

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