HBO’s Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience will bring epic tour to 28 cities

The Game of Thrones live concert experience has been announced. The 28-day tour, featuring music from the HBO television series, has been described as a “music and visual experience that will bring the Seven Kingdoms to life on a scale never seen before.”


Led by the show’s composer Ramin Djawadi, the North American tour will enlist a full orchestra, choir and themed visuals, to bring the TV show’s score to life. The music will also be accompanied by key scenes from the series and additional footage shot specifically for the live dates.

“I wanted something that takes you beyond just watching an orchestra play. I wanted to have an immersive experience,” he said from Los Angeles before a fan event. He hopes to create an event he called “epic” and “involved.”

Ramin Djawadi, composer of the score of the HBO hit, is leading an orchestra on an audiovisual tour of the US that promises to ‘bring the Seven Kingdoms to life’.

Ramin Djawadi, composer of the score of the HBO hit, is leading an orchestra on an audiovisual tour of the US that promises to ‘bring the Seven Kingdoms to life’.

Djawadi, who also wrote the Grammy-nominated score for “Iron Man,” has always championed little-known instruments and vowed to do the same on the “Game of Thrones” tour, highlighting things like the glass harmonica, duduk and dulcimer.

“I think it will be very exciting and very interesting for the audience to not only hear the music again and have the music experience but also to actually see actual players perform with these instruments that they may not even know what they look like,” he said.

Djawadi, not wanting to reveal too many features of the Live Nation-produced tour, said the stage’s design will employ state-of-the-art technology, and there will be “things happening onstage that will enhance the musical experience.”


Ramin Djawadi attends HBO’s “Game Of Thrones” Season 5 San Francisco Premiere at San Francisco Opera House. IMG: Steve Jennings/Getty Images.

“The idea is to showcase how the music enhances those experiences for the audience,” Djawadi told Time magazine. “There’s some great, big exciting moments, like for example Mesa, which was when Daenerys frees all the slaves, and people will remember that very uplifting moment, but then we will perform some of these heartbreaking moments with real musicians. That’s always very special too, because when you see live musicians perform music they put their own emotion into it, and you see a violinist and how their body moves. I think that’s so powerful.”

The 360-degree set design will include LED screens and flaming towers, which will double up as a platform for the choir and orchestra.

The “Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience” kicks off Feb. 15, 2017 in Kansas City, Missouri, and will play at Madison Square Garden in New York City and the Forum in Los Angeles. It will also play at arenas in Boston, Chicago, Toronto, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Denver, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., among others.

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