Glastonbury 2017 tickets sold out in less than an hour

Bad news for anyone still hoping to secure a ticket to Glastonbury Festival 2017: over 100,000 tickets sold out in less than an hour this morning before 10am, amid complaints that the ticketing website was crashing.

The coveted tickets were released this morning at 9am and were all gone before 10. The festival organisers posted the tweet, breaking the news to disappointed music fans, at 9.54am. While swift sell-out times are nothing new for Glastonbury (last year, all the tickets were gone within half an hour), the sheer number of people who must have been anxiously refreshing computers screens this morning is still impressive: over 100,000 tickets were released this morning.

A smaller batch of 15,000 tickets with coach packages, released on Thursday last week, are also all gone, selling out within 23 minutes. Inevitably, not everyone is happy, with many frustrated would-be festival-goers taking to Twitter to complain that the ticketing website had either crashed, or simply failed to load. Some prospective buyers even said that after they had put in their card details and clicked through to pay for tickets the website had then glitched out, causing them to lose their order.

Sadly, those who missed out on the 2017 festival may now have to wait until 2019 for their chance to attend: the event will be taking a fallow year in 2018. But if you’re absolutely desperate to make it in 2017, you’re best chance of getting tickets now is in the re-sale, which will take place in April next year.

Anyone who bought a ticket today will have paid a deposit of £50, and will pay the rest of the price next year. But those who change their minds about going, or find themselves unable to attend, will have the opportunity to notify Glastonbury and get some of their £50 refunded (minus a £20 admin fee).

The festival organisers will then put these cancelled tickets on sale in April. People who registered to buy tickets will automatically be eligible for these resale tickets, which will have to be paid for in full (£238, plus a £5 booking fee).

The 2017 festival will run between June 21 and June 25, and the line-up will be announced next year.

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