Get your head in the cloud with Aivvy’s smart-headphones

The Internet of Things as it continues to grow! Aivvy has announced the launch of smart-headphones with a built-in music streaming service.


These headphones will ”automatically be bundled” with the company’s streaming music service for the first year. After that period ends, owners of the headphones can continue to keep the music service current with a ”modest monthly fee.”

As the headphones are bundled with the music service, there is no need for any other device. It’s all one thing, just like those FM radio-bundled headphones in the 80s. Aivvy thinks this super-integration will enhance the music experience by cutting the need to attach the headphones to any other device.

The inclusive idea is a novel one, though it’s also a more protective approach to music. That may have motivated its founder David Ring, once a feared anti-piracy executive at Universal Music Group.

Aivvy also allows the listener to personalize the music they listen to. The built-in service looks at the time of day the user listens to particular music, and it then adjusts the music it plays. What’s really interesting about these headphones is the fact that the user’s listening preferences are analyzed when the headphones are connected to the ‘Aivvy Cloud’ during recharge. That smart feature is geared towards that all-important music industry Holy Grail, music discovery.


There are some other fun, premium features. Playback starts and stops when the headphones are put on and off, and although this is a common feature on headphones, Aivvy thinks having the music built-in will create that seamless, ‘ahhhh’ moment for music lovers.

The headphones will be available later on this year. More information can be found on the Aivvy website.

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