Fun facts Miley Cyrus revealed in Howard Stern interview

To promote her new album “Younger Now,” Miley Cyrus sat down with Howard Stern and revealed a few fun facts, including her real name and why she was kicked out of school, dished about her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, her infamous 2013 MTV Video Music Award performance and the Wrecking Ball music video.

Cyrus told Stern that her birth name is Destiny Hope, but her father, singer Billy Ray Cyrus dubbed her Miley because she was “always smiling,” Cyrus said. The nickname stuck – and became her stage name. She also said her father initially did not want her to audition for Disney’s Hannah Montana due to his experience in show business.

The Malibu singer told Stern she was booted from school for teaching her classmates what a French kiss was. Miley said she was not bothered by Hemsworth being surrounded by attractive actors but said she “keeps my little spies.”

Cyrus recalled her 2013 VMA performance “the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my life. I didn’t like it because I thought I had done something that was gonna make everyone talk about me. That’s not why I liked it,” Miley continued. “The reason why that’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my life is that’s when I realised my power.”

Cyrus acknowledged the Wrecking Ball video and claimed that “Swinging around naked in the middle of a bunch of rubble licking a sledge hammer — that’s forever,” Cyrus told Stern. “That’s not going anywhere.”

Cyrus spoke about her new music and noted that she stopped smoking marijuana and cigarettes to focus on her new record and wrote her hit song Malibu in the car. Cyrus concluded the interview with a shout out to her mother, Tish Cyrus, for keeping her grounded.

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