Britney Spears drops the much-anticipated MV for “Make Me” ft. G-Eazy

In a recent Tumblr Q&A, Britney Spears teased the video by saying, “there’s lots of female empowerment. Lol.”


Indeed! Spears auditions a selection of strapping men to be her close personal friend in the music video for “Make Me,” the pop princess’s lead single from her highly anticipated album “Glory,” comes out on Aug. 26.

In the clip, the men disrobe and dance provocatively for Spears. Bonus: the most talented of them all gets to star in some intimate time with Spears, which gets streamed for her giggly friends. It also includes the singer’s iconic sweaty hair, a flashy high-speed car, exactly six fedoras and a lot of eos lip balm.


It’s interesting to note this is the second version her team produced. Apparently, the first one was full of issues, and the Spears camp went so far as to reject it and go with this entirely new version!

According to TMZ, Spears initially had famed director David LaChapelle working on the project, but at some point, the two camps butted heads and split. LaChapelle’s team is adamant that Brit rejected the video because it was “too sexy!”


Brit’s team, on the other hand, is saying that they were disappointed with how “utterly disjointed” LaChapelle’s vision and final product were, and they felt it was without a significant storyline.

So, Brit’s folks went to another director, Randee St. Nicholas — and got exactly what they wanted!

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