Beyoncé and Jay Z are crawling towards a divorce

Beyoncé and Jay Z divorce reports seem to dominate the news. The latest is that the couple is fighting all the time, constantly screaming at each other – and Bey has ordered Jay to get out.


Radar Online spoke with insiders who revealed that the music power couple isn’t making any attempt to hide their contempt for each other. The insider claims Beyoncé was “screaming at him at the top of her lungs” one night at the rented Bel Air mansion the couple shares.

The music mogul and the “Single Girls” singer may share the mansion, but it’s been reported that Queen Beyonce and Jazzy no longer share a bedroom – haven’t since moving in – and have completely separate private lives. The insider divulged about Bey told Jay, “She just could not deal with it anymore!” What exactly is the “it” Beyoncé can’t deal with anymore?

Does the “Crazy in Love” singer mean the allegations that the rap mogul has cheated on her with numerous women? Or is it the paternity battle that is raging? Rymir Satterthwaite claims he’s the rapper’s secret son and has taken the case to federal court to prove Jay Z is his biological father.

What tipped the scales for Queen Bey? The couple has always fiercely protected their privacy. Daughter Blue Ivy, 4, is rarely photographed or seen in public with mom and dad. Now it seems as if the A-list couple doesn’t care if their secrets are aired for the entire world to see.

Maybe that is why the Bel Air house is a rental? Sasha Fierce and Jazzy’s marital problems have been so bad for so long the couple will not even commit to owning a home together. If there is a divorce the financial split is going to be big news. Not only is money at stake, but businesses that Beyoncé and Jay have created.

Is this the end of the line for Beyoncé Knowles and Jay Z? The cheating allegations, not once, not twice, but with many, many women, were enough to push any woman over the edge. The paternity case appears to be the last straw.

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